I employ leading edge mind/body psychotherapy techniques to help you create the changes you want to see in your life. These techniques are supported by the latest in neuropsychological research and include: EMDR, mindfulness techniques, Somatic Experiencing, mind / body psychotherapy, and art therapy.

I work with individuals, families and children to explore their personal or familial goals and to determine the right blend of approaches that will achieve those goals.

With adults, I specialize in trauma resolution, and also dealing with the psychological aspects of chronic illnesses, such as Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, and autoimmune disorders. With children and adolescents, I specialize in resolving emotional or behavioral problems, which may be rooted in traumatic experiences or not.

Mind/body psychotherapy works by updating the unconsciously memorized and patterned mind and body habits developed over a lifetime, which may have worked at one time, but which are no longer serving you. These habits take the form of triggered patterns, where mind experiences (thoughts, stories, beliefs, visual images, dreams, etc.) trigger bodily experiences (tension, anger, sadness, numbness, emotional overwhelm, etc.) and bodily experiences trigger mind experiences. It goes both ways–body to mind, mind to body.

The combinations on the mind / body continuum are so infinite and so unique to each person that therapists have had to develop ways to access the intelligence behind all this pattern learning. EMDR and Somatic Experiencing are two such modes that retrain and restore somatic or “body” coherence and harmony– innate body/mind intelligence. Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy are two others, though their focus is more on thoughts and actions than bodily experience. Art therapy provides access to unconscious processes that can be markers of this internal patterning, that point the way to your body / mind intelligence.

Our work will gently and effectively access this unconscious body / mind intelligence and use it’s innate processes to learn new ways of being and responding. The approach is like a menu of ways to access your bodymind’s innate intelligence systems and change their patterns in the way that you desire.  The menu includes the most powerful modalities for mind / body healing, including EMDRmindfulness techniques, Somatic Experiencing, mind / body psychotherapy, and art therapy.

These approaches are customized to your goals, needs and preferences and are geared to bring balance and contentment back into your life.

The number of sessions depends on the goals you have for yourself, and your history and symptoms. For some, it could be as few as 5-10 sessions. For others, it may take longer.

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