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The Connection between Heart and Mind

The Man with Two Hearts

When a man was fitted with a new heart, his mind changed in unusual ways. Why? The answer reveals a surprising truth about all our bodies, says David Robson.

The Changeable Nature of the Brain

Re-wiring Your Brain: Neuroscientist Michael Merzenich

Neuroscientist Michael Merzenich looks at one of the secrets of the brain’s incredible power: its ability to actively re-wire itself. He’s researching ways to harness the brain’s plasticity to enhance our skills and recover lost function.

Jill Bolte Taylor‘s Stroke of Insight
Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor studied her own stroke as it happened — and has become a powerful voice for brain recovery. Full bio and more links

Brain Development and Learning: What works

Bruce Perry Part 1: Fun and Learning

Bruce Perry Part 2: Relationships and Learning

Bruce Perry Part 3: Activities for Self-Regulation

Bruce Perry Part 4: Impact of a child’s first teacher